Introducing a titanium pour-over coffee maker that fits in your back pocket! Weighing in at just 44 grams (less than 2 ounces), we think it’s the ultimate blend of elegance, functionality, and portability for the coffee aficionado in you!

The 3 identical pieces just slip- slide-click-brew!

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A Little Bit About Us

We’re a Rhode Island based family of 6, who loves adventure and spending time outdoors. I love coffee and we all enjoy creating and working with our hands. Our shop family is our extended family, a group of dedicated machinists, fabricators, technicians, engineers, and administrators.

Pack Light

On a camping trip this spring, while hiking to our site, my twelve year old son and I were debating what we should and shouldn't have packed. He thought all we needed was a water bottle and a hammock! We agreed we’d over packed. I offered my oppinion that it’s all about balancing comfort while hiking with the simple pleasures you choose to bring along. For me, coffee is always worth the haul! A good hot cup of coffee in the wilderness is THE BEST! Our kids are getting older and we’re more excited than ever to go further and try more adventurous hiking and bike camping. We're streamlining our camping gear and this is our take on a lightweight, easy to pack, simple, functional coffee maker! Plus- I think it’s kinda cute and FUN and now I use it all the time at home!